AlphaCast® GIS (Geographic Information System)

The AlphaCast® GIS is a front-end user interface application that communicates with the consumer-off-the-shelf InfoRad Watch-It ASCII SV product for the purpose of activating, deactivating and displaying messages on AlphaCast System display devices.

AlphaCast® GIS software contains an optional graphical display of device locations on a geographical map or user-defined graphic representation of the location (Example – campus buildings or factory or plant layout). Message recipients can be selected from the Recipient List or from the graphical display.

Alphacast® GIS allows for the definition of alert units, alert groups, alert types, pre-defined alert messages, messaging services, additional alert e-mail recipients, and capcode management. The interface features simple message entry or selection, message status, message log, and print functions of units, groups, and logs. Map controls allow for map scrolling, map “home” definition, and placement of unit devices within the map.

AlphaCast® FR

AlphaCast®FR is a specialized version of the InfoRad First Responder software. AlphaCast is designed for quick dispatch to AlphaCast® System Alert Devices, and can also be used to message any wireless receiver – cell phones, pagers, Blackberry® devices, smart phones, signs, sirens, or other wireless-enabled device. AlphaCast® Messaging Software is a powerful yet easy to use wireless messaging software application. Send messages via dial-up (TAP) messaging, and over the Internet (via modem or network connection) directly to your Messaging Services Internet Server (SNPP & WCTP), or via Internet E-mail.

Features include an enhanced user interface, TAPI Smart™ with enhanced communication compatibility, AlphaCare support, message log with search function, scheduled paging and group and individual message addresses. Includes all AlphaPage First responder features including expanded capabilities: up to 500 members per Group, up to 500 Scheduled Messages, and up to 500 pre-programmed messages, Advanced Scheduler (schedule recurring daily, weekly, monthly messages/reminders) and Spell Checker (check and correct messages before sending), plus Route on Failure ( automatic rollover to secondary receiver address on primary error), Message Templates (pre-programmed 'fill in the blank' type messages), and Direct Serial Connection messaging option for use with on-site paging systems or leased-line connections.

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