AlphaCast® System Product Applications
AlphaCast® Mass Notification Products were designed from the onset to answer the difficult challenges of mass notification. AlphaCast® system products are tailored for educational campuses, municipalities, industrial facilities, and fire stations. The AlphaCast® family of products extends beyond the typical mass notification software solutions. Our products offer a unique GIS (geographic information system) based dispatch software interface and specifically designed wireless hardware display and alerting devices, capable of notifying not just a few key people, but also facilities, open public spaces, and even individual residences. The AlphaCast® dedicated receiver products alert within seconds, providing detailed text and voice information that defines the emergency and the required or suggested action. AlphaCast’s® unique hardware, software and wireless operation allow mass notification systems to be updated with over the air programming as your system requirements evolve. Our building block approach allows for system implementation without a large financial commitment.

The family of AlphaCast® wireless receivers includes residential units, public digital signage, and audio sirens capable of emitting simple alert tones and dynamic text-to-Voice messages, and remotely activated power switches. Each product can operate as a stand-alone unit or part of a larger mass notification system.

AlphaCast® system technology provides innovative solutions for the unique challenges presented by the need to control and disperse notification information over widespread locations. Consider some of the applications to the right.

Severe Weather and Tornado Warning

Using third party weather data providers, AlphaCast® products can provide highly accurate tornado, lightning, and severe weather alarms for athletic fields, golf courses, industrial/manufacturing facilities, large retail centers, residences, and rural areas.

Industrial Incident Notification

Municipalities and industrial facilities need the capability to notify surrounding business and residences of emergency situations, such as chemical accidents or fire. With modest investment, AlphaCast® provides the ability to notify the residences at risk typically in under one minute.

Flood Zones

Quickly and automatically notify locations affected by flooding situations. AlphaCast® products can be installed in private residences, commercial buildings, and open public areas, providing a seamless and immediate method of distributing flood warnings. AlphaCast® products also feature a non-emergency mode that allows authorities to keep citizens notified of developing flood information.

Forest Fires

Forest fires move quickly, and notifying vacationers and residents can needlessly drain key personnel. AlphaCast® emergency notification products provide a method of wirelessly notifying specific affected geograpical areas within seconds. Additionally, the AlphaCast® system includes battery powered devices that do not depend on a secure power grid.

Emergency Lockdowns

Emergency situations such as bomb threats, shooting incidents, fires, or chemical spills require immediate, clear responses. Simple siren systems allow for only one response, while voice and cellular text messaging systems are unreliable and slow. With a focus on alerting locations instead of individual people, AlphaCast® system products can remotely activate devices and provide detailed emergency instructions to individual rooms or an entire campus within seconds.